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Your Total Freedom To Be

As a kid and growing up,

How many times have you experienced

Your loved ones had worries and fears

About you and what you did

Thinking it was not good for you

Something bad was gonna happen

You were making mistakes

Trying to control your behaviour

To stop you from mistakes

By using fear, abuse and threats

By not allowing you to do things

By telling you this is this, this is that

By telling you what to do, what not to do

Believing that it was to keep you safe,

That it was loving and caring?

Is it true for you?

Is it light for you?

As the result of it, how much of your life

Have you been trained to believe that

Loving and caring for you and others

Is to get worried, have fear

And hold on to them

As the only way you knew how

To have peace and freedom

When it actually got everyone stuck?

You are an infinite being

You are infinite freedom

You are infinite lightness

Heaviness isn’t YOU

Controlling or being controlled ain’t YOU

It is all taught and programmed

From generation to generation

From ancestor to ancestor

From society to society

From culture to culture

For hundreds, thousands,

Millions, trillions of years that

Loving and caring as control

Control as loving and caring

When we get worried and fearful

About whatever choices others make

With judgments and projections

Expecting them to be otherwise,

We actually are telling them,

Spoken or unspoken, that

It’s not ok for them to choose so

They aren’t capable of handling

Whatever they choose

That would be dishonoring

Them and their choices

That would be disempowering

Both to them and to us

That is not true loving and caring

That is control

So everywhere you bought

From your father, mother,

Loved ones, their ancestors, generations,

Authorities, cultures, societies

And everyone else around you that

Loving and caring as worry, fear and control

Worry, fear and control as loving and caring

As real, true and yours

When it actually wasn’t,

Everything that is,

Would you like to

Uncreate, destroy and return

It all to all senders please?

Would you like to receive that

It is safe and possible for you

To be loving and caring to you and others

Without the need of fear and worry

Without holding on to fear and worry

Without the need to control you,

Others and situations

Without the need to be controlled

By anyone or anything

With total allowance of

You and others to be

With whatever choices we make

From wherever we are

Knowing that

There is no right or wrong choice

There is no good or bad choice

It is just a choice we all have

The freedom to choose

Whatever it is, it all leads us

To the right direction

That is unique to our own path

For our own growth and evolution?

That is total kindness to one another

That is total empowerment to one another

That is total freedom to be

For each one of us

To walk

To run

To fly

To rise

To shine our light

In full force

With our gigantic magnificent wings

To the horizon

Of infinite possibilities and gifts

Of truth and wisdom

Of magic and miracles

Of victory and glory

Of joy and bliss

Of lightness and expansion

Of symphony and communion

Of Unity and Oneness

We are all born to be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

For my book Ignite Your Soul Alive:

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