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Your Total Trust In You

How much of your life have you spent

Sacrificing yourself

Cutting off all parts and pieces of you

Suppressing all of your thoughts,

Feelings, emotions, and truth

In order to meet others' needs,

Requires, desires and expectations of you

Believing that only others deserve the best

While you don't?

How much of your life have you spent

Not speaking your truth,

Saying no when you want to say yes

Saying yes when you want to say no

What is or isn't true for you

For fear of upsetting others?

How much of your life have you been told

What to do and what not to do

Not being allowed to make choices

Or decisions at your free will

And if you do, you are made wrong,

Guilted and shamed for it,

Either way, you are damned?

How much of your life have you spent

Knowing what others need

While being asked: "What do you want?

What do you need?

What do you truly desire for you?

How do you feel?

You would say something like

I don't know

I am not sure

I have no idea?

As a result of it, how much of your life

Have you spent believing

You can't trust you

You can't believe you

You can't make it

Without someone else's approval

And acceptance of you

You doubt you at every turn

For whatever choice you make?

Do these questions feel heavy as hell for you?

Whatever feels lighter is always true for you

Whatever feels heavier is always a lie,

Most of the time it's the lie or lies we buy

From others as real and ours when it isn't

Your total freedom to choose for you

Is your birthright

Joy is your birthright

Lightness is your birthright

Inner knowing is your birthright

Total awareness is your birthtright

So how much of

You are unworthy

You don't deserve this or that

You can't trust you

You can't make it without

Someone else's approval

You don't know this or that

You can't be YOU

Is what you perceived, picked up and took on

As your own from everybody else

Who taught you, who couldn't hear you,

Who couldn't allow you to be

Who you are and what you are

As you are, when it actually wasn't?

A little, a lot or all of it?

Everything that is, would you like to

Return it all to them please?

And everything you have done,

Suppressing your truth and who you are

To be everybody else when you are not

Doubting you and your truth at every turn

In order to please everybody else

In order to make it

In order to fit in,

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate, delete,

Destroy it all and take YOU back please?

What if you do know

What is true and light for you?

What if you do know

From the core of your being

That you are worthy


You are right here and right now

Reading all these words

Echoing what you have already known

And you keep standing

Keeping finding your truth

Keeping going for you

Keeping looking, finding and choosing

What works for you

What ignites your soul

What burns your flame

To be more of YOU

At your own pace

Because you know you are worthy

Of receiving and being YOU

So would you like to receive that

It is safe and possible to be YOU

Without having to be anybody else

Others want you to be?

Would you like to receive that

It is safe and possible for you

To speak your truth,

Live your truth,

Be your truth unapologetically

And lead your own path

Without the need of anyone else's

Acceptance or approval of you

Without having to doubt you

Without having to make you wrong at all?

Would you like to receive that

It is safe and possible for you

To stand in your own power

To trust you and your choices

To trust your heart and where it leads you

Even when it doesn't make sense

To shine your light in full force

In order to be all of YOU?

That is how capable you are

That is how powerful you are

To have and be this total trust


That is how loving you are

That is how caring you are

To YOU to be

The leader of your own path

The creator of your own future

The artist of your own masterpieces

The master of your own destiny

The light of your own heart

The greatest believer in YOU

The greatest cheerleader of YOU

Because what matters above all else


You choose to believe in you first

You choose to trust you first

You choose to speak your truth

Regardless of people's opinions

And points of view about you

The more you are willing to speak it

And stand in your power,

The more you trust you

The more you take your power back

The more you take your voice back

The more you take YOU back

And be YOU

The more you will meet those who

Would like to hear and receive

What you have to offer them

Nobody's like or dislike can stop you

From where you want to go

From the truth of who you are

The magnificent soul

The brilliant light

The beautiful symphony

The miraculous gift

The infinite Ocean of

Power and potency

Capacities and capabilities

Depth and wisdom

Magic and miracle

Kindness and gentleness

Possibilities and total freedom

You are born to be

For all eternity and back

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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