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Your Unapologetic NO

There are times in life

You gotta be willing

To say NO to anyone and anything

That doesn’t work for you

NO to abuse of you

NO to making you wrong

NO to pushing you

NO to bullying you

NO to humiliating you

NO to non-acceptance of you

NO to proving yourself to earn for love

NO to the projections and expectations

Of who you are or are not supposed to be

Of who you should or shouldn’t be

Of who you can or can’t be

NO to making you feel never good enough

NO to the dismission of you

NO to the denial of you

NO to the destruction of your existence

NO to disempowerment to you


Without the need of explanation

For who you are

In order to receive the YES

That your heart and soul desire

That is everything that

God desires for you


YES to your joy

YES to your worth

YES to your trust in you

YES to your love for you

YES to your choice for you

YES to your abundance

YES to your ease

YES to your freedom

YES to all those who lift you up

Who empower and expand your soul

Who are in alignment with you

Who receive you fully and completely

Without you having to change

Anything that you be

Walk away from anyone

Who has already decided

You gotta be everything else

And everyone else

Other than YOU

You like you

No matter what

That is an unapologetic NO

For a gigantic YES


To your space

To every fibre of your being

To the Universe

To all magic and miracles

To all open doors

To infinite possibilities

That the Universe has gifted you

The more you choose that,

The more you know

What it feels like in your body

To have who and what is right

For your soul

For your lightness and expansion

For your ease and peace

Without suffering

It is a trusting muscle

That builds and grows

Each and everyday

Each time you make a choice

Simply for YOU

That is listening to your heart

That is listening to your soul

You are the powerful master

On this planet Earth

Of choosing your YES

Of reclaiming your power and potency

To the greatness and legendary

That you are born to be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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