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Your Unshakeable Trust In You

How many times have you had

The expriences where you wanted to

Speak what you truly thought

How you truly felt

Where you came from

Yet you were shut up, shut out

Pushed away, put aside,

Not allowed to speak, made wrong

Or given a silent treatment

Because the others wanted to

Defend and protect the rightness

Of their points of view

And wouldn’t hear you out?

How much of your life

Have you made you wrong

Thinking and believing that

They are always right

You are wrong

You did something wrong

You said something wrong,

There is something wrong with you

You know nothing

You know less than

You can’t trust you

You are unworthy to be heard,

The list goes on and on?

Is it true?

Does it feel heavy for you?

Whatever feels heavy is always a lie

Whatever feels lighter is always true for you

How much of ‘You are wrong,

They are always right

They know better

They know more

You can’t trust you’

Is actually a pile of crap you have bought

From your parents, brothers, sisters, teachers

All those who were your authority figures

Since you were a kid

Repeating all these lies

Throughout your adulthood

With all those whom you,

Consciously or unconsciously,

Perceive as authorities,

Healers, coaches, gurus, experts

Friends, colleagues, bosses,

Elder people, husbands, wives,

Relatives, cousins, neighbours

You name it

As real, true and yours

When it actually wasn’t?

A little, a lot or all of it?

Everything that is, and everything

You have done to guilt, shame and doubt you

Giving your power away to others

And the rightness of their points of view,

Would you like to uncreate, delete

Destroy it all and return all the lies

To all the senders please?

Right and wrong

Good and bad

Only exists

When there is judgment

Wherever there is judgment,

That is where we cut off our

Total awareness and total clarity

That is where we choose to not

Trust us and what we know

In order to make judgment real and true

So how many judgments have you created,

Invented or bought from everybody else

Around you that keep

Right and wrong

Good and bad

Saintly and evil

Positive and negative

Shame and pride

So on and so forth

This polarity reality, in place,

Which keeps your thinking mind in charge

While it is the other way around,

And that is your pure heart and

Your infinite being,

And this is the truth of who you are?

A little, a lot or more than God knows?

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate,

Delete and destroy it all?

What if when others want to be right,

Let them be right,

What if you have nothing to convince

What if you have nothing to defend

What if you have nothing to protect

What if you have nothing to

Fight for or against

What if there is nothing wrong with you

What if you do or say nothing wrong

What if you just speak your truth

What if it is not about them being right,

You being wrong or vice versa,

But just walk away and

Keep going in your path?

Would you like to have a kind of relationship

In whatever shape or form where

Others aren’t capable of hearing,

Receving you, what you have to say?


You deserve way better than that

Would you like to acknowledge

This truth about and of you?

What if your choice to walk away

From any relationship that

Doesn’t work for you

Is your saying YES

To YOU and the entire Universe

Within and without, that

You want something different

You want who and what works for you

That brings you inspiration and empowerment

That brings you lightness and expansion

That brings you joy and total awareness

That brings you unshakeable trust in you

Because you choose YOU first

Because you trust YOU first?

Would you be willing to stand alone

If required?

Would you be willing to be different

Without the need to fit in

Without the need to belong with

Without the need to agree or align with

Without the need to resist or react to

Anybody, society,

Culture, organization,

Community, group,

With your total allowance of YOU

Because you choose to trust YOU

Because you choose to live for YOU

Because you are your own authority,

Your Ultimate Source,

And this is your total freedom to be?

Would you like to receive

Through every cell of your body

With all of your heart and soul that

It is absolutely safe and possible

To trust you, your knowing and choice,

What is true and light for you

Without making you wrong

Without doubting you

Without making you less than anybody else

Regardless of what it might look like

On the outside, and that

You are way more capable

Of doing, choosing and being

That Ultimate Source for you?

As this is your innate infinite lovingness

Your innate infinite kindness

Your innate infinite gentleness

Your innate infinite generosity of spirit

To you

Simply for YOU

That you are born to be

For all eternity and back

You got this . One step at a time

- Phuong

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