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Your Unstoppable Truth

How much of your life

Were you taught to say yes

And do what others wanted

And expected you to do when

You actually wanted to say no?

How much of your life

Were you given no choice

And no voice to speak your truth,

Implanted with others’ lie that

It is the way to please them,

To get their love and approval?

How much of your life

Did you tolerate others’

And their expectations of you

For their own happiness

At your own expense

Trying to be everybody else

When you were not

As your normal reality?

Could you ever make them happy?


Because they chose to be unhappy

From the very first place

No matter how many pieces and parts

Of you that you cut off

No matter how much you could do

Under the sun,

There is nothing you could do about it

It had nothing to do with you

So everything you have done

To keep your voice silent

To tolerate others’ behavior

To not speak your truth

To live others’ expectations and reality,

To carry their baggage and luggage

Of pain, anger, sadness, grief,

Sorrow, fear, doubts, blame,

Shame, guilt, you name it

As your own

Buying all these lies from them that

Tolerating is loving and caring

Silencing is loving and caring

Taking on is loving and caring

Not speaking how you feel

And what you would like

Is loving and caring

Just do it as told is loving and caring

As real, true and yours

When they aren’t

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate,

Delete and destroy and return

It all to senders please?

What if you choose to speak your truth

Regardless of fear?

What if you are willing to lose

Anything and anybody if required

Speaking your truth

And standing in it?

What if by speaking your truth,

You honor you and everybody involved

Regardless of what outcomes would be?

What if by speaking your truth,

You allow you and others to be

With your authenticty and vulnerability?

What if by speaking your truth,

You reclaim your voice?

What if by speaking your truth,

You gain more of YOU?

What if by speaking your truth,

You trust YOU?

Is it easy?

No, many times it ain’t

Because we were never taught,

Shown or encouraged to do so

Most of or all of our lives

It is a process

It is a journey

It does take practice

It does take work

It does take your sweats and tears

It ain’t fairy and rosy all the way

It will be bumpy down the road

Yet as long as you have the willingness,

It shall be done

It’s ok to make mistakes

It’s ok to slip and not speak your truth

At one point or another

During the process,

Let’s shake it off

Let’s get up again

With kindness to you

Let’s get your awareness

And clarity from it

Let’s choose again

Again, again and again

Until you master it

To trust and reclaim YOU

What if you could teach you

How to love and trust you

All over again

By speaking your truth?

What if you could teach you

To be kind, loving and caring

To you all over again

By speaking your truth?

Would you like to receive that

You know what it feels like

To show you what it feels like

To love and trust YOU

By speaking your truth?

What if you could lower all barriers

Put your hands on your heart

And speak to you

With all of your heart and soul

With every fibre of your being

Each and everyday

Allow whatever feelings to come up,

All the anger, fears, worries,

Hurts, and more

If you want to cry, cry

If you want to scream, scream

Whatever you feel,

Allow it,

Embrace it

Feel it with all of your heart

Shower you and those feelings

With your lovingness and kindness

To them and you

With all the loving, kind, empowering words

With your gratitude and appreciation


You are on your miraculous journey

Of opening your gigantic heart for YOU

Of loving and trusting YOU

Of speaking your truth

Of reclaiming your powerful voice

Of reclaiming your magnificent life

Of reclaiming your eternal joy

Of reclaiming your infinite freedom

Of reclaiming all of YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

For my book Ignite Your Soul Alive:

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