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Your Way Of Infinite Possibilities

When you got frustrated,

Did you feel helpless?

Did you feel powerless?

Did you have the thoughts like

You have tried everything

You have worked so hard

It has been too long

Why you keep having this

That you don’t want and that

There is no way out?

Have you felt so comfortable

With your status quo of

Your life, way of living

And way of thinking that

You hold on to it

Rather than let it go

Even when half of the time,

You feel ok with it

Half of the time,

You feel unhappy with it

Sucking it all up

Suppressing your anger

Suppressing your resentment

Suppressing your disappointment

Suppressing your sadness

Telling yourself that

It is ok, I have to accept it?

All of your feelings are totally valid

All of your reasons are totally valid

Because nobody experiences

What you experience

What you think,

Or how you feel

At the same time,

Let’s pause and

Think about it for a moment

Do all those feelings and

Thoughts make you feel

Light and airy?

You are God’s infinite being

You are God’s eternal soul

As such, would you choose

To hold on to something

As though you don’t have a choice

As though fear decides your destiny?

How much of your life

Have you heard from,

Been taught by your authority figures

That they had no choice

That they were stuck

That they were helpless

That they couldn’t do anything else

Because of their circumstances

That you had no choice

That you weren’t allowed

To choose anything

Because they said so

Because if they didn’t control you,

You would turn out bad

Because you were too young,

They were older than you

They experienced more than you

They knew better than you

And all kinds of reasons

To destroy your greatness?

How much of it is true for you?


Everything that brings up for you,

Would you like to uncreate

Destroy and return all that pile of crap

To them please?

So truth?

The fact that you are here

Standing, breathing and living,

Never giving up hope

Never giving up seeking

Never stopping learning new things

Beyond what you think you know

Despite how you might feel otherwise

During the process,

You do know

Deep down in your bones

Deep down in your heart and soul

With every fibre of your being that

There is always a way

There are always greater possibilities

There is always a choice

You always have a choice

You always can choose and be different

Everything you were taught

No longer works for you

Circumstances don’t decide how you feel

Where you go

What you do and create

For your extraordinary life ahead

If you don’t have this happening for you,

There are better possibilities

That are right, light and expansive for you

Knocking on your door

Waiting for you to receive

That’s why you keep going

Fear can’t stop you

Status quo ain’t your reality

Fitting in ain’t your option

That is an absolute NO for you

Disrupt it all

Destroy it all

To clear your path

To your inner genius

Who wants to join you, great

Welcome on board

Who doesn’t want to, great too

That allows you to speed up

And go even way faster!

It doesn’t matter

Who comes or doesn’t come with you

Because you got God

As your Home

As your biggest supporter of all

For all eternity

With YOU and God

All things are possible

Miracles are you reality

They have been coming

And continue to come your way

Beyond what you see

With your naked eyes

Once you make a choice

That follows the energy of your lightness

Regardless of fear, doubt

Or whatever it is that tells you to stop,

A door opens up

Different possibilites show up

Beyond expectation and calculation

You have even more choices to choose

That is the infinite reservoir of

Of infinite possibilites and realities for you

We gotta start from somewhere

Even when it doesn’t make sense

Change is inevitable

Change is eternal

You are changing

You are moving forward

Even if it doesn’t look

The way you would like

Just look back and see

How many times things turned out

Exactly the way you wanted

Or did they turn out completely unplanned

Unexpected and even way better

Than what you imagined?

If this choice doesn’t work,

Let’s make another choice

You are allowed, safe and free

To make many choices as you like

It is your right and freedom to choose

That nobody can take away from you

If you have made many choices already,

And it still doesn’t work,

It’s ok too

Let’s keep going

Giving up ain’t your vocabulary

Giving in ain’t your choice

What else would you like to choose?

What if it is a message to let you know

That those choices are coming

From the same way of patterns

From the same way of thinking

From the same way of perception

That no longer works for you?

In that case, let’s ask

What can I do, choose and be different

That would allow me to change

And create a completely different reality

From a totally different perspective

That I have never thought of before

That would work for me with ease?

Then let it go and allow for

Your awareness to the question

To show up at its own timing

Without the need to look for the answer

Without the need to push for the answer

Without forcing yourself to get the answer

That is your total allowance of you right there

You don’t need to do the same way

Or the same things

Like everybody else

To be able to succeed

You are different

Your path is different

What you do and be is different

Like nobody else

That is what sets you apart

From everybody else

What if all you need is

Following your heart

Listening to your soul

Walking inwards to your God

Following the energy of the choices

That gives you a sense of

Lightness and space

That sings to and expands your being

That leads to the wonderland of

Miracles and infinite possibilities

Without the need to know

What things look like in detail, or

What exact results have to be?

What if it is nothing about the results

You might think you have to achieve

But it is about the journey

Of experiencing, exploring, learning

And growing with joy as your choice

Over and over again?

That is your kindness to you

That is your compassion for you

That is your trust in you

That is choosing YOU

Right there

Everything you create from that place

Is God’s masterpieces of YOU

What if that is exactly what God

Desires for you because

That is exactly what you desire for you?

Would you like to acknowledge

And receive that

That is how unstoppable you are

That is how creative you are

That is how powerful you are

That is how brave you are

That is how different you are

That is how extraordinary you are

That is how much of a difference you make

That is how much of a change you create

In your own world, and

To this whole world?

You are God’s magnificent light

You are God’s legendary

Leading your path

And others with their own path

Who need your light,

With God as your compass

That no human words could describe

Your superhuman mega-creator within

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

For my book Ignite Your Soul Alive, please visit:

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