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Your Worth is Your Freedom

How many of us were taught

To work hard, to do this or do that

To feel worthy? Would you have to do anything To feel worthy of the air that you breathe Or you just know you are already it And it is your birthright? Your body doesn’t define Your beauty or your worth Whatever you have or don’t have Doesn’t define your worth You are born a beautiful soul With your priceless worth Beyond all labels That the societies Want to define you You decide your worth You decide your beauty It is your power within From your total power and freedom To choose What if your worth and beauty Is your infinite freedom To be YOU With every choice you make Which brings you Lightness and expansion In your world? All it takes is your willingness to receive What if you could stretch that muscle Your capacity to receive Despite the discomfort To the level where Your voice roars Your heart explodes For being filled with Everything that the Universe Has to offer to you? You are worthy of it all Whatever you desire From your heart and soul As you already are it With that You are beautiful You are magnicent You are precious Beyond measure You are worthy Beyond words As you are born to be You got this. One step at a time.

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