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Your YES

The more pain you have gone through,

The more love you are to gift

The more grief you have experienced

The more joy you truly be

The more hardened your heart might be

The softer it actually is

The more darkness you have seen

The more light you be

The more unsafe you might have experienced

The more you know what requires

For you to feel safe

Therefore the more space of safety

You are capable of for others

The more nobody understands you,

The more you understand you

The more nobody believes in you,

The more you believe in you

The more you keep going,

The more resilient and strong you are

You feel deeply

You see deeply

You listen deeply

You understand deeply

You speak deeply

You go deeply

That is that much of a depth

That only YOU know about you

Would you be willing to acknowledge

All those parts of you

That shape how magnificent you are

And that

You have that much and beyond to offer

That lightens up people’s worlds?

All it takes is a YES

The ‘how’ will unfold

With the beacon of light

Of your soul and the Universe

Leading the way

You will always know

What is right for you

Even in the face of doubt

Choose to trust YOU

No matter what

The world is waiting for

Such a deep and miraculous soul

Called YOU

You got this. One step at a time

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