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Heal and Reclaim Your Power and Potency

Hi, my name is Phuong. I am an energy facilitator. I received training and certification in and practice different modalities like Basic and Advanced DNA Thetahealing, Level 1-2 EFT, Release and Replace, Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE), Access Bars, ROAR (Living Your Radically Orgasmically Alive Reality)

My goal is to facilitate you to heal the abuse and trauma that you experienced and get to the place of self-empowerment and self-trust, reclaiming, receiving, perceiving, knowing and being your infinite and authentic power and potency, infinite choices and possibilities, joy, peace, ease, excitement, fun, happiness that you truly be and desire, and expand your life and realities and be who you truly are.

About Me

I received physical, emotional, verbal abuse as early as I could remember around the age of 3 and earlier till my 20s. As a result of that, during my adulthood, I received financial abuse; emotional abuse in all forms of relationships. I tried many different methods to help me heal from counselling, coaching, NLP to many different things, but none of that really worked for me. Only when I came across energy healing with different modalities that I am now practicing has it really created major shifts in my life, which is changing, healing, creating and expanding my own life in all areas that I truly desire. In that process, I desire to share my light to the world as a contribution to it and everyone in it and so much more. 

As Master Healer Deborah King said "more trauma, more gifts", truly from all these abusive experiences in my life and my healing journey, which I am so grateful for and which are really priceless gifts to me and my life for my healing, growth and self-empowerment, I desire to share, assist, facilitate you to know, receive and perceive what is true for you and reclaim your power and potency, create, generate and expand your life in all areas with inspiration and energy healing around abuse, disempowerment, low self-esteem, anxiety, insecurity, chronic and acute physical pain and relationships. 


I do not heal you. You have the power to heal yourself. That's how powerful and potent you are! All it takes is your willingness to show up, participate, heal and thrive for YOU. In our work together, we work as a team, and I am here to facilitate, guide, support, take your hands and walk with you by your side in your journey of stepping into your authentic power, knowing, receiving, perceiving and being the MAGNIFICENT you beyond measure that you truly be. 

 What if nobody knows what is true and best for you but YOU? What if you know best, and nobody else knows better than you about what you know is true for you? What would it be like when you know what is true for you no matter what others and the outside world says to you or about you or that you have to, need to, can and can't, should and shouldn't do this or that? What if that is their realities, not yours? What if your reality is something completely different that works for you? What would it be like if you are willing to receive, perceive, be and know what you always know about what is true for you, your power and potency, greatness, gifts, generative and creative capacities, infinite choices and possibilities, joy, ease, peace and excitement that you truly be?

What if there is nothing wrong with you? You are an amazing gift to this whole world and Universe with your being and very existence even if you may not acknowledge it right now. Please know that you are greater than your experiences, and that the mere fact that you are standing despite all the pain and suffering is the inevitable proof of how powerful and potent you truly are.

Thank you to you for being such an amazing gift with your being and very existence in this world. 

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