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Sunrise over the Wheat Field
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Ignite Your Power Alive

Ignite Your Power Alive

Have you gone through so much abuse

That you were never allowed

To make decisions for yourself

That you were never allowed

To make choices for yourself

That you were never allowed

To have a voice

That you had to follow rules and regulations

That you were taught to believe

Your authority figures were your God

That they were way greater than you

That it was wrong to believe you

That it was wrong to trust you

To the level where

You no longer had your sense of self

You no longer had your sense of worth

You no longer knew who you were?

How much of that life was a cage?

How much of it was living at all?

How much of your life

Have you spent

Making authority figures

Bigger and greater than you?

How many times have you found you

Telling yourself: ‘I don’t know’

And looking for answers

From authority figures for approval?

What if no authority figure

Is greater than you?

What if no authority figure

Knows more than you?

What if no authority figure

Knows better than you?

What if no authority figure

Has more power than you?

What if you are the only person

Who knows what is true and best

What is light and expansive for you?

What if you are the first person

You choose to trust and believe

Before anybody else?

What if you do know? 

What if you are your own authority figure?

What if you are your own God?

What if you are your own expert?

What if you are your own healer?

What if you are your own mentor?

What if you are your own teacher

With God being your Source?

What if all you need

Is to be empowered

To awaken your all-knowing God part of you

With your lightness

With your expansion

No matter what others say

Without making you wrong

For your inner knowing

For your total awareness

For your wisdom

For choosing YOU

As God's infinite star

As God's powerful soul

As God's magnificent gift 

As God's greatness

You were born to be?

If you say YES to any or all of the questions above, you are in the right place, my beautiful soul. Thank you for being here. 

                                                My Mission is to Inspire, Empower You                         

                          To Trust You and Ignite Your Power Alive

I am here to inspire, empower and facilitate you to awaken and remember your soul, God within you, open your gifts,


trust your inner knowing, take back your power and freedom, spread your wings as the gift and


greatness that you truly be.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Sunrise over the Wheat Field

How I Can Be A Contribution To You

I received repeated physical, emotional, verbal abuse as early as I could remember around the age of 2 till my 20s.


During my adulthood, I repeated the same pattern of abuse in all forms of relationships in every area of my life. I had no sense of self or worth. I had no dreams, desire or purpose in life. I had repeated suicidal thoughts, seasonal depression, horrible nightmares waking up with terror and heart pain almost every night for many years. I developed thryroid-related chronic diseases.


​It was when I started my healing journey with different energy-healing modalities that have changed my life and I now practice. 

I no longer have nightmares or repeated suicidal thoughts. I have remembered my soul. I have found God when I found me.


I have remembered and lived my soul and life purpose, my dreams, taken back my power, voice, life and freedom. 


This is what I desire for you.

Hi, my name is Phuong. I am an inspirational, transformative speaker, writer, coach and energy facilitator. ​

I was trained in different modalities including 1-2 EFT (emotion freedom technique), Access Bars, Access Consciousness, ROAR, Basic and Advanced Thetahealing, Release and Replace, Jesus Healing and Advanced Clearing Energetics.

I am here to assist you to heal, end the abuse you have experienced, thrive and be the magnificent gift and greatness that you are born to be.  



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Phuong is an attentive, non-judgmental listener with admirable patience in her healing sessions with me on my physical foot pain. She is such a caring and empathetic creature. In her healing sessions with me for three weeks, Phuong has been a trustworthy and respectful therapist, very persistent, thorough and gentle at the same time. Phuong is also very client-centric, encouraging and kind-hearted. During my healing sessions, she kept saying that I am doing great and we were making progress. When my pain did not go away as fast as I hoped it would, Phuong demonstrated an adorably good sense of humor which lowered my level of stress when I needed a good laugh. When my pain miraculously disappeared after 4 sessions and I was so happy and I thanked her for that, she reassured me that I did it all, she was just there to assist me in healing myself. And the special thing to note about my healing is that all sessions were conducted over the phone as we were in different countries, and my physical foot pain had been serious enough before the healing that I had booked a surgery with my local hospital. Of course, thanks to the tapping sessions with Phuong, no surgery is needed now, and I am feeling great!"

                                                                                                                 Nguyen Thi Hien Giang, Hanoi


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