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Your Infinite Love For You

How much of your life have you spent

Creating and having the relationships

That you feel unhappy with

That you feel so-so with

That are both loving and hating

That don’t work for you

Yet trying to hold on to them

For fear of losing it all

For fear of separation

For fear of being alone

In order to have a sense of

Love and belonging

For security and comfort?

How much of YOU have you

Suppressed and cut off in order to

Keep those relationships around

Because you don’t want to be alone?

Have you ever found you thinking

You got it all

Jobs, relationships and so on

Yet you feel disconnected

Depressed and unhappy?

Does all of it feel heavy for you?

Whatever feels lighter is always true for you

Whatever feels heavier is always a lie for you

You are an infinite being

You are the entire infinite Universe

You are whole and complete

You are infinite space

You are lightness and expansion

You are joy and ease

You are bliss and ectasy

Would you need security and comfort

From anybody else or anything else?


Would separation exist in your world?


How much of your life were you taught

Comfort and security is to agree,

Align with, take on everybody else’s

Pain and suffering

And go down with them

In exchange for their love,

Togetheness and belonging?

How much of the lies of separation,

‘ I am alone’

The necessity of comfort and security

From everybody else and everything else

Other than YOU did you buy from

Those who taught you

From your ancestors and generations

From your society, culture and country

From everybody else around you

On this entire planet?

A little, a lot or all of it?

Everything you have done to buy it all

As real, true and yours when it’s not,

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate, destroy

And return it all to them please?

What if by setting you free

From all the relatioships and things

That no longer work for you

That don’t empower you

That don’t expand you

In any shape or form,

You choose to love YOU

You choose to trust YOU

You choose to empower YOU

You choose to own YOU

You choose to have YOU

You choose to remember YOU

You choose to expand YOU

You choose to be YOU

You create more joy and ease

You shine more of your light

Simply for YOU?

The more you allow you to shine,

The more you allow others to shine,

The more you allow you to shine,

The more you create those

Who are capable of receiving you

Who are happy for your greatness

And enjoy the ride with you

That is your comfort and security

Thar is your love and unity

Without having to hold on to

Anybody else or anything else

To fulfill it for you

Because you are it

Your unity with YOU

Your belonging with YOU

Your oneness with YOU

The entire infinite Central sun

The entire endless ocean

The entire infinite Universe

The entire infinite love for YOU

That you are born to be

For eternity and back

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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