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Your Total Awareness

Have you ever found yourself

Making the same choices

Making the same mistakes

Ending up with the same feelings

Hurts and disappointments

Betrayal and abandonment

Inadequacy and brokeness

Just to name a few

With the same patterns

With the same types of people

With the same types of relationships

Just with diffferent faces

With different circumstances

Over and over again?

It is so familiar that

There are times

You might not be aware

Of doing the same things

That no longer work for you

Is there anything wrong with that?


Is there anything wrong with you?

Absolutely not

Have you done anything wrong?

Definitely not

You are ready when you are ready

You learn when you learn

At the perfect pace

That is right for you

When you come to the place

Where enough is enough

Where you desire something different

Where you desire to change

Where you decide to change

Knowing that there is so much more

So much greater

So much bigger

So much better for you,

It is when you will find every way

To change it

No matter how long it takes

No matter what it takes,

It is when you will be willing

To stop and acknowledge

Your brilliant awareness of

What you are doing

That no longer works for you

Without any judgments of you,

It is when your journey

Of self-awareness

Of self-discovery

Of getting to know you

Of connecting with you

Of understanding you

Like nobody else

Of making conscious choices

That work for you

Of remembering your magnificent soul

Whole and complete

Will begin and expand

For all eternity

Self-awareness is everything

To stop lying to ourselves

To start being true to ourselves

As much as possible

Are we always aware?


There is no absolute universe

As long as we are humans,

We aren’t always aware,

We all are a work in progress,

We will make mistakes

At some point or another

That we aren’t even aware of

That is when

The desire to be aware

The willingness to be aware

The choice to be aware

The practice to choose differently

From our self-awareness

Comes in

There is always something to learn

No matter what level of consciousness

We are at

Nobody is higher than anybody

Nobody is lower than anybody

We just are at

Different levels of consciousness

Different levels of self-awareness

For our own soul growth and expansion

That is unique to us


Wherever you are,

You have access

To all resources

To all Gods and Goddesses

To all beings of light

As long as you wish to

From your heart and soul

And work towards it

As long as you desire to

As we all come from

The same Source

God within

With you and God,

All things are possible

You are on your way

Of mastering your self-awareness

Your total awareness

As the brighest star

On this planet Earth

That God created you to be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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