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Ignite Your Soul Alive

Listen to your lightness

Through your heart and being

No matter what others say,

Follow your lightness

No matter what others do,

Trust your lightness

And jump

No matter how scary it might be

There might be challenges

Along the way,

Your heart, soul and God

Will catch you, always

The fear of the unknown

The fear of falling

The fear of being wrong

Or whatever fear it might be

Will melt away

You will destroy

All the lies of fear

That aren’t true for you

That get in your way

You will get over the lies of fear

With every choice you make

And every experience

You go through and grow from

Your trust in you and capabilities

Will get stronger and stronger

Way more than ever before

Your life and living will

Flow with more and more ease

With more and more joy

With more and more freedom

Each time you choose your lightness

Even when it doesn’t make sense

You will thrive and fly

With, as and through

Your God’s magnificent light

Your God’s eternal sparkling diamond

That is a guarantee

YOU are a guarantee

There is absolutely no doubt about it

There is absolutely no doubt about YOU

That is how capable and extraordinary

That is how magical and miraculous

You are

Would you like to know and receive that

It is totally, completely and utterly

Possible for you?

All it takes is your YES to YOU

To your lightness

And choose it

No matter what it takes

No matter how many steps it takes

That is choosing to trust you

Against all odds

Because that lightness is YOU

Your burning fire

That ignites your soul alive

You got this . One step at a time

- Phuong

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