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No Matter What

No matter how much

You were taught to forget

You still choose to remember

Who you truly are,

No matter how much

You were taught

To doubt yourself,

You still choose to trust you

No matter how much

You were taught

To be unkind to you,

You still choose to

To be loving to you,

No matter how much

You felt all alone

You felt unprotected

You felt unsupported

You couldn’t trust anyone

With all the abuse you experienced,

You still choose to

Remember the total absolute truth

God is your ultimate Source

God is your ultimate savior

God is your ultimate healer

God is your ultimate friend

God is your ultimate mentor

God is your ultimate teacher

God is your ultimate protector

God is your ultimate supporter

God is your ultimate trust

God was, is and always will be

With, in and around you

At all times

Across all lifetimes

That you have ever had

Especially during challenges

When they don’t make sense

Whether you are aware of it or not

It is your desire to remember YOU

It is your desire to remember God

It is your desire to be one with God

It is your power to choose YOU

Your heart and soul

Your kindness and gentleness

Your power and potency

Your knowing and awareness

Your lightness and expansion

Your total belief in you

Your total trust in you

One moment at a time

One choice at a time

No matter what

That keeps you unstoppable

You are your ultimate Source

As you are God

And God is you

No matter where you are,

You have been doing amazing

You are in the perfect place

Where you need to be

Whether you believe it or not

You are on your way

To be Home with YOU

With that

Watch out, world

You are an unstoppable powerhouse

With YOU as your foundation

With God as your fortress

Shining your magnificent light

To the entire Universe

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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