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Seek, You Will Find

Even though you might have never been

Given the love you needed as a child

Or during your adulthood

You can always teach yourself all over again

What you were never given

If you have a burning desire to seek for it

That’s how amazing and powerful you are!

What would you like to give yourself

When and if you have noone else close to you

But you?

All loving, kind, empowering words?

All the encouragement?

All the reassurance?

All the approval?

All the support?

A shoulder to lean on and cry to?

If you have trouble trusting anybody else

Or little or no relationship with God within

Due to all the trauma or abuse

You might have gone through

What if it is the very opportunity and gift

To learn to trust you and God within you?

What if when you have noone else to turn to

Is the very opportunity and gift to you

To turn

To all of your younger selves?

To build and strengthen your relationship

With you and God within

That you can’t otherwise?

What if who or what you think

You don’t have or have lost

Is exactly what you need gifted to you

By the Universe

And is exactly what you gain

For your soul growth and evolution?

You might find it so challenging

Or almost impossible to do and be

The best friend, father, mother

Brother, sister all at once for you

Especially when you were never taught how to

But you know deep in your bones

Whether you are conscious of it or not that

You are capable

You can do and be all that for you

Because you are God

God is you

You are love

Love is you

Therefore, all things are possible

All it takes is to remember that truth

And you have been remembering

Or else you wouldn’t be here

Reading these words

When you trust and love you more and more,

You will know who is right for you to trust

You will actualize those who match you

And gift to you what you gift to yourself

Keep choosing to trust, love and appreciate you

Even when you have doubts

Your total power and freedom

To choose YOU no matter what

Will override all the limitations

And propel you to your bright, brilliant future

A horizon filled with shiny, sparkling, twinkling stars

With all angels’ and God’s songs singing

To your ears, your heart and soul

That are calling and waiting for you ahead

That is where you belong

Your Kingdom of God within

Your Kingdom of leadership

Your Kingdom of warriorship

Your Kingdom of true freedom

Your Kingdom of victory and glory

Your Kingdom of magic and miracles

Your Kingdom of joy and bliss

Your Kingdom of unlimited abundance

It all is already within you

You got this. One step at a time.

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