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Self-love and self-trust in a relationship

There's this quote that says: "if you want to know one's mind, listen to their words. If you want to know their heart, watch their actions". Words don't mean anything when actions say otherwise. How many of you have cut off so many parts of you or all of you, your being, to the level where you no longer exist or disappear to fit in, get love, to make a relationship that no longer works work? I feel you. I used to be in that place big time. I hope this video is helpful for you.

From my heart and soul to your heart and soul.... You are magnificent, you are greatness, you are God within you, and you are precious beyond measure. Start choosing more of you and all of you because you deserve all the best in this world. Shine your light. The world needs your light and very presence. Thank you for being YOU❤️

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