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Tears Are The Cleanse of Your Soul

Have you ever been told not to cry or else you would get beat more or that you were too sensitive when you cried?

Have you ever judged yourself thinking there’s something wrong with you when you cried?

Have you ever wanted to cry but couldn’t or just cried silently the so-called ‘inner crying’ for fear of being judged and wronged?

How many of you were taught that it’s weak to cry in the societies, especially for men?

How many of you were taught to suck it up, macho up and march on to be positive and strong?

How many of you ended up no longer feeling how you felt, completely out of touch with your bodies and not being able to speak up when you wanted to speak?

I used to laugh all the time many yeas ago thinking I was so happy and loveable to all people

Even when someone shared their sad news, I just laughed it off not knowing what to say when I meant to feel for them, then got angry at myself wondering why I couldn’t respond appropriately

Laughing things off became my automatic coping mechanism to cover up all pain

That was how out of touch I was with me

I have found myself being able to feel deeply and cry since I started to heal myself

What I wasn’t willing or able to feel in the past

What if there is nothing wrong with crying?

What if tears are what get you

To feel and express your own pain

For your self-healing

So you can feel others’ pain and

Allow them to be

For their self-healing?

What if tears are what give you

Even more strength and courage

To keep going and move forward

For total receiving and allowance of you

Rather than just shoving them down

Withering and dying inside?

What if when someone or a man cries,

That very vulnerability is

The most courageous and

Beautiful thing about them

That we have the honor

To witness and hold space for?

What if tears get you

To connect with yourself and others

From heart to heart, soul to soul

Beyond the capabilities of your head

When something about them

Deeply touches your heart and soul?

What if tears are what remind us

This is what it feels like to be human?

To be heart-centred

To be compassionate

To be kind

To be gentle

What if tears are the sacred healing water

The gift from God

That you are created to be

To cleanse your soul?

Allow them to shed and drop

No matter who you are

What you are in this world

For the rainbow and

Bright, magnificent light

Of your soul

To shine again

You are loving

You are caring

You are strong

You are courageous

You are authentic

With your tears and vulnerability

You are infinite awareness

Regardless of your tears and vulnerability

As an infinite being you are created to be

You got this. One step at a time.

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