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Thank You For Saying No

Thank you for saying no

How many times have you felt rejected for who you are or for whatever it is that you do in your life?

What if you could say "thank you for saying no" ?

What if all the Nos is exactly what you need for you to find YOU and everything within you To see and acknowledge the magnificence that you are That you denied all along in the past? What if all the Nos is all the YES to you To what you are capable of? To love for you Appreciation for you Approval of you Belief in you Strength and courage in you Trust in you Trust in God within More than ever before? What if all the Nos is all the YES to unearth and birth The phenomena The mega-creator on the planet That is YOU? Nothing, nobody, no "Nos" can ever stop you from being YOU You are unstoppable Keeping doing what your heart and soul desires No matter what it looks like on the outside Everything has been working for you Nothing against you For your highest good, your soul growth and evolution You can be everything and anything for you That's how powerful and potent you are! You got this.

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