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The Glory Of YOU

How much of your life

Have you thought that

You have this name

You have this body

You have this mind

You came from this country

You came from this family

You had this education

You have these parents

You have these brothers and sisters

You have this husband or wife

You have this boyfriend or girlfriend

You have these children

You have this or that friend

You have these relationships

You have this money

You have this job

You have this house

You were brought up this way

You have these beliefs

This is the sum total of who you are

This is your identity?

Is it true?

Does it feel contractive or expansive to you?

What if who or what you have or don’t have

Doesn’t define who or what you are?

What if what you do or don’t do

Doesn’t define who or what you are?

What if you are not bound by

Physical look, skin, race,

Culture, family, background,

Upbringing and beliefs to define

Who or what you are?

Then who or what did you define as YOU

When it actually isn’t?

Who or what did you define as not YOU

When it actually is?

Everything you have done

To define who or what you are and are not

Based on what you do or don’t do

Based on what you choose or don’t choose

Based on or what you have or don’t have,

When it actually has nothing to do

With your total being,

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate, destroy it all?

What if you choose to be free

From who or what you think

You are and are not

In order to remember

The truth of who you are?

What if you are way greater than

Who or what you think are and are not

From the limitations of

The body and the mind?

What if you are the master

Of the body and the mind

To transcend it all

In order to merge as One

With your total being

That you are born to be?

What if the key lies right in our heart?

Once our heart is fully and completely

Open beyond this polarity reality

Of good and bad

Of right and wrong

With every fibre of our being,

We receive the entire Universe within

What if the entire Universe or God

Is your Home?

Then wherever you go

Wherever you are

Whatever you have or don’t have

Whatever you do or don’t do

Whoever you are with or without,

You are Home

You are free

At every moment

For all eternity

Would you like to receive that

It is safe and possible for you, and that

You are way more than capable

Of unlocking that key

For your total freedom

To be?

You are millions of twinkling stars

You are millions of central suns

You are millions of magnificent universes

You are millions of mighty mountains

You are millions of free-flowing oceans

You are millions of evergreen forests

You are millions of blossoming lotuses

You are the beam of light

That brings inspiration and empowerment

You are God’s warrior of spirit

That brings hope, strength and courage

You are the living proof that

Everything and anything is possible

From your loving, gentle heart and soul

You are the entire Universe

Whispering within you

Beyond the mind and the body

You are that infinite

You are that light

You are that expansive

You are that bright

You are that brilliant

You are that magnicient

You are that magical

You are that miraculous

You are that victorious

You are that glorious

You are that pure

Without forms, structures or linearities

Keep going, God’s magnificent soul

Before you know it,

You will be flying at full speed

With your widespread gigantic wings

You are on your way to reclaim

The entire Universe within

That God desires for YOU

You got this . One step at a time.

- Phuong

- For deep healing and coaching sessions about relationships, grief, and health

- For my book Ignite Your Soul Alive:

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