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The Power of Your Presence

Have you ever been told that

You were useless?

Have you ever judged yourself

That you are useless

When you don’t do anything

Believing that you have to

Do something or a lot of things

In order to be good enough?

Is it really true?

How could you ever be useless

When your smile

Your heart

Your warmth

Your presence alone

Can relieve someone’s burden

And ligthen up their world

Allowing them to experience that

They are seen

They are heard

They are supported

They are so much loved

They are never alone?

Would you be willing

To acknowledge

How much of value you be

How much of use you be

How much of meaning you be

How much of purpose you be

How much of worth you be

How much of power you be

How much of potency you be

How much of magic you be

How much of a miracle you be

How much of a difference you make

To someone else’s world

Just with your presence

Just with your existence

Just with your pure heart and soul


All it takes is a YES

To awake and ignite

Your absolute truth

Then the Universe delivers

The remembrance of your soul

Called the magnificent YOU

You are here to remember

You are here to thrive

You are here to be

You are here to shine your light

You are here to live your truth

You are here to walk your path

You are here to choose YOU for you

You are here for a purpose

You are here for your birthright

Being the brightest light

Being the brightest star

That you are created to be

Simply because you exist

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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