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True Leadership

"The world admires you, when nobody understands you".

The quote is hilarious. At the same time, it’s so amazing and profound.

How many of us don’t feel understood by anybody or have the need to be understood? What if nobody understands you, it’s because you don’t need it? As long as you understand you, love you, empower you and do whatever it takes, big or small each and everyday, to move towards your dreams, desires and visions, then you got it. You are the true leader of your own path. You don’t need followers. If anyone wants to come on board with you, great! If noone wants to, great too! It gives you even more fuel to move forward. Then, the world, watch out, you are coming to shine. The world will embrace and welcome you because you are willing to be the true leader of your own path. Also, let’s look at Albert Eistein and Charlie Chaplin, how they talked to each other. True leaders lift each other up, empower each other, see the greatness in each other, contribute to the expansion of each other’s greatness and lives to the infinite. Your greatness is infinite and eternal. It just keeps expanding and expanding when you allow it to. One step at a time. You got this.

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