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Trust The Wait

What is your path?

You might have a path

You might have a vision

Or you might haven’t figured that out

Either way, the next steps might be unknown

It might create worries, anxities, fear

Or the need to know to have some control

To feel safe

With the questions like

Where do I go from here?

What’s next?

Does that resonate with you?

You are not alone

We all go through that at one point or another

We are in this together

What if they are the very opportunities and gifts

To practice letting go more

Trusting you more

Trusting God within more

Trusting life more

Trusting the process more

That you can’t have otherwise?

When things are known or predictable or go as expected

It is easy to trust

It is embracing the uncertainty that

Brings us to the next level of trust

Trust in God

Trust in the Universe

Trust in you

Knowing that you are safe

You are moving forward

You are thriving

You are roaring

To the next level

No matter what

Welcome the uncertainty

The unknown

With appreciation

With wide open arms

Allowing them to flow through you

To transform all that into truth

That things are working out for you

You are upgrading to the next level

So buckle up

Or ...don’t

As you are going to rocket

To the places and spaces of infinite possibilities

No buckle

No control

No nothing

Just a free spirit

Your true freedom to be YOU

Keep following the energy

Of what brings you, your life and living



And expansion

That lifts up your heart and soul

Regardless of what it is

You got this. One step at a time.

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