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Unconditional Love

Have you ever had the moments of getting to experience feeling loved unconditionally when you met someone and they just gifted you their care, support, their precious time for you

Not because you did something for them to earn for it and with nothing to return?

Where they saw you, heard you, acknowledged you, respected, valued you, made their precious time for you just simply for you? I got so blessed and grateful to get to meet a couple of people as such in my whole life Being brought up to believe that I was worthless, I was nobody, I didn’t deserve anything, anybody’s time, support or love, they gave me a sense of self-worth just simply for me Not for what I did or didn’t do to earn for it Even writing about it, I am crying as it touches deep in my heart, soul and every fibre of my being I am forever grateful to those people for the rest of my life and as many lifetimes as I get to have on this planet Earth or anywhere else. Seeing this quote, I cry too. I relate to it deeply. So much of unconditional love, kindness from heart to heart, soul to soul just simply for being, not doing to earn for it. That is your self-worth just simply for you Not because you do something to earn for it Or you don’t do something to define as unworthy or not enough or good enough Till now through my own inner healing work and practicing it, I have found more of me within, my soul, my worth, my life, my power within, my self-love, my self-trust, my purpose to serve humanity and shine my light, my meaning in life, God within me. So no matter what lies have been passed on or taught to you No matter how much you might feel it as real It can never deny this absolute, total truth: No matter what you do or don’t do doesn’t define your worth No matter how much abuse you might have gone through, it doesn’t define your worth God within defines your worth God within is your worth You are enough You are good enough You are worthy You are worthy of your time, your love and others’ You are worthy of support You are worthy to be heard and seen You are loveable You are love You deserve absolutely all the best in this world Simply for you, your existence Soak it in every cell of your bodies, my beautiful souls I see you You are absolutely so beautiful beyond words So bright So valueable So maginificent So precious beyond measure You are such an amazing gift and miracle to the Universe Just simply for you You got this. One step at a time.

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