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Vulnerability is strength and courage

How many of us were taught that

Vulnerability is weakness

For fear of being judged

Made wrong or shamed

For our real and raw emotions

Like anger, fear, pain, and hurts

With things like

‘You must not fear

You must not hurt

You must not feel angry

You must not this

You must not that’

Therefore we gotta cover them up

At all costs

Thinking that is the only way to be strong?

That is how I numbed my feelings

That is how I was in denial of my anger

When I felt angry

That is how I was in denial of my hurts

When I felt hurt

That is how I was in denial of my pain

When I felt pain

That is how I couldn’t speak up

Even when I wanted to

As I was unware of

What was going on inside of me

That is how I functioned in life

Smiling and laughing on the outside

Being strong, bubbly and happy

Whenever I was with people

Being depressed, sad and empty

Having frequent suicidal thoughts

When I was alone

Having no idea why

I was these two complete persons

Does any of that resonate with you?

Let’s look at the flow of a river

It is meant to flow downstream

It is its natural state of being

Is it gonna work

If we tell it to flow upstream?

Absolutely not

It can’t exist as a river

It can’t thrive as a river

It doens’t get to be a river

That it is created to be

The same goes with us as humans

How much of that energy ‘must not’

Takes a toll on your being, life and body?

It is always easy to cover up our pain

To ignore it

To distract ourselves with something else

Rather than identify it

Look at it head-on

Acknowledge it

Feel it

Process it

Cry if you need to

Express it to others

Whom you feel safe with

Who receive you and allow you to be you

You allow you to face the hardest thing

On this planet Earth called pain

With your self-expression of your truth

That vulnerability is your authenticity

It is your strength

It is your courage

It is your healing

It is your softening

It is your connection with you

It is your connection with others

It is your compassion for you

Therefore your capacity of

Compassion for others

It is your inspiration to others

It allows you and others to be

It sets you and others free

It is what moves you

Through and beyond any and all challenges

You are a badass

You are a warrior

Of love and compassion

Of softness and gentleness

Of allowing and receiving

For being vulnerable

You got this. One step at a time.

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