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You are a creator of your life

Whatever it is in our lives,

We created it whether we like it or not

It is not our fault It is not self-blame It is taking full responsibility for ourselves and everything we created without judgment That is the difference between self-blame and self-responsibility You have that much power to create what you don’t like Then you have that much power to uncreate it and choose something different that works for and empowers you All it takes is a choice to change All it takes is a desire to change Once you make that choice, the Universe delivers And you will find every and any way Every and any tool Every and anything Every and anyone That supports your choice No matter what it takes No matter how long it takes It all comes from your total freedom and power to choose Choice is your power You are a mega-creator You are a shining star You already are born a star You can create everything and anything that your heart and soul truly desire Keep choosing more of you and all of YOU Rise, thrive and shine You got this. One step at a time.

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