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You Are a SuperHuman

Your journey of healing, growth and evolution

Is not always smooth

It might be bumpy There are difficulties There are challenges There is discomfort There are ups and downs You fall Possibly many times Then you pick yourself again each time Falling is not failing As long as you don’t give up Giving up is not in your vocabulary That’s why you are here Because deep within you know this truth: You are strong You are resilient You are a superhuman You are a star You are magic You are a miracle You are magnificent You are greatness You are phenomenal You are extraordinary You are infinite possibilities You are enough You are good enough You are more than good enough Not because you do something Just simply because you exist Even if you might feel or believe otherwise You are in the process of owning that truth It’s on the way coming to you Keep going Never give up Never give in Dig deep Dive deep into the truth of who you truly are Move forward no matter what You got this. One step at a time.

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