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You Are God's Miracle

If you have chronic physical pain or diseases,

If you have the same repeated patterns

That you don’t want in your life

Over the years,

It is normal and ok

If you feel discouraged

If you identify with them

As it has been so long

Thinking and believing

This is part of you

This is who you are

Is it true though?

Does it feel heavier for you?

When I ask you to go to

Any country you like

Or any country you’ve never been to

Right now

Are you right there?

When I ask you to

Go to the moon right now

Are you right there?

You are right there in a split second

Right when any location,

Anything or anyhere is mentioned

Without having to physically go there

Without having to know how to get there

Without you having to know

What it looks like

You are that fast!

That is your infinite awareness

That is your infinite being

You are everywhere, anywhere

And in every molecule of the Universe

That is YOU

You are the infinite vastness of

The entire Universe

You are infinite lightness

You are God’s eternal soul

You are God’s infinite being

Beyond your body,

Therefore you have no limitations

You have no fear

Does that feel lighter for you?

So everything that you bought

That the diseases or whatever patterns

That you might have had for a long time

Are part of you and who you are

When you actually are not, and

Everywhere you made them

Greater than you

Deciding and defining your identity

When you actually are

Way greater than

Way more expansive than

Way beyond

Any limitations, any lies

Any diseases, any patterns combined

Everything that is,

Would you like to

Uncreate and destroy it all please?

How much of the fear and belief that

It has been so long

It is incurable especially when

It comes to chronic diseases

Is what you bought as yours from

Doctors, nurses, hospitals

And the collective consciousness

Of everyone else around you

Believing the same thing

Simply because everyone believes it

Simply because the experts and

Authority figures say so,

Then it must be so and

They must be right?

How much of your life,

And how many lifetimes

Have you spent making

All those experts and

Everyone else around you

Their beliefs and opinions

Greater than YOU?

Everything that is,

Would you like to

Uncreate, destroy it all

And return it all to them please?

How much of all the pain and fear

You have is what you took on,

Held on to by locking it into your body

As the only way you knew how

To be compassionate and

To help those who are in pain?

Everybody has the free will to choose

That includes pain

We might think we are helping

When what we actually do is not helping,

And is taking away their power to choose pain ,

Whether they are aware of it or not

At their conscious level,

In order for them to learn something

For their own souls’ growth

That only they and God know

The more we try to take it away,

The more we take away their possibilities

Of empowering themselves and

Learning something

That their souls desire,

The more we will drag ourselves down

With what doesn’t belong to us

During the process

In the end, nobody goes anywhere

Other than getting stuck

So everything that kept you

Holding on to what is not yours,

Are you ready and willing

To uncreate, and return it all

To the senders

With every fibre of your being?

Would you like to know and receive

What it feels like to be compassionate

Without having to take on, hold on

Or carry others’ pain?

Would you like to know and receive that

It is completely, totally, utterly possible

For you to heal any chronic physical pain

For you to change any repeated patterns

For you to change anything in your life

That you desire?

Because YOU are the one

Who has the power to choose YOU

Who has the power to trust YOU

Who has the power to be YOU

For your lightness and freedom

For your joy and ease

Above all else

Because YOU are the one who decides

That you can change it

That you will change it

That you are changing it

No matter how much physical pain

You might be feeling right now

No matter how much emotional pain

You might be feeling right now

No matter what external cirumstances

Might not be going in your favour right now

No matter however long it takes

No matter whatever it takes

Limitations ain’t your life

Fear ain’t your truth

Diseases ain’t you

That is an absolute NO for you

What if it is not about

The amount of time, or

The amount of steps it takes

To get to what you desire

That makes you believe

What is not true about you,

But it is about

Choosing to be kind to you

Choosing to be caring to you

Choosing to be loving to you

Choosing to trust your God’s total truth

Of who and what you are

Regardless of whatever is going on,

Over and over again

In your life journey?

What if there are so many other possibilities,

What if that is when miracles happen,

Way bigger and greater,

Coming from that place

That you might not have considered before?

What if choosing to be kind to you

What if choosing to trust you

What if choosing to trust your knowing

What if choosing YOU

Regardless of challenges

That get you to feel otherwise

Is a miracle?

As YOU are that miracle

Would you like to know and receive that

You are way more capable of

Creating and being infinite miracles

That God created you to be?

As long as you live

As long as you breathe

There is always a way

There is always hope

That is why you are still standing

Right here and right now

With YOU and God,

Everything is possible

With YOU and God,

Miracles take place

You will change it

You are changing it

Even if you feel otherwise

That is a guarantee

As YOU are God’s infinite possibilities

As YOU are God’s warrior

Of strength and courage

Of hope and resilience

Of greatness and extraordinariness

Of brilliance and magnificence

YOU will and continue to

Turn everything and anything

Into miracles

As YOU are God’s miracle

Walking on Earth

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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