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You Are The Way

Have you ever had the thoughts

If your circumstances could change

If your significant others could change

And give you what you need,

You would feel so much happier

And everything would be ok?

Have you ever told yourself that

You accept what it is

When your needs aren’t met,

Yet deep inside you feel disappointed,

Resentful and sad while telling yourself

It is ok in order to be strong

Burying all the painful feelings

Denying them long enough

To the level where

You no longer recognize what they are

Suppressing all of your needs

Yet knowing so well everybody else’s needs

And whenever you do have needs,

You would feel unworthy and guilty

Blaming and shaming yourself

You aren’t supposed to have any

You are too demanding

You are too much?

Is it true?

Does it feel heavier for you?

How much of it belongs to

All those who taught you?

What if there is nothing wrong

With you for having needs?

What if they just weren’t capable

Of giving you what you deserve?

How many people have you attracted

Into your life who are the repetition

Of all those who taught you

Based on their lie that

You weren’t worthy of receiving

That wasn’t yours?

How much of it is giving you away

And giving you up

To the hands of others and their opinions

To decide your own freedom and happiness?

How much of it is cutting off

All parts and pieces of you

Living everybody else’s lives

Meeting their expectations and standards,

None of which is your own?

How much of it is being YOU

Owning and living your life?

A little, a lot or none?

So everywhere you made anyone

And anything significant

Giving them the power

To decide your life

How you feel and

The life you desire

And are worthy to live,

Everything that is,

Would you be willing to

Uncreate, delete and destroy it all?

Let’s say you didn’t have

Your family, your spouse

Your children, your friends

Your job, your house

Your money, your car

Anybody or anything at all

Who and what would you have left?

Who and what would make you happy?

Who and what could give you

All the fundamental needs you require

All the unconditional love you deserve

All the happiness and joy you desire

When nobody else and nothing else could?


You are your ultimate Source

That is how powerful you are

You create the life you want to live

You decide how you feel

You create the circumstances

You want to experience

You gift you everything you need

When nobody and nothing else can

You choose the people

Whom you want to be in your life

You choose to be happy

With or without anybody or anything,

Not the other way around

As a quote that says,

‘It is not the way to happiness

Happiness is the way’

YOU are the way

Would you be willing

To lose anybody or anything

That doesn’t empower you or

Allow you to be all of YOU

Knowing that losing is gaining?

Tolerating is accepting less than

It no longer works for you

You are meant to live an extraordinary life

Doing what you love

That expands your soul and being

With joy, ease and freedom,

Not so-so

Not ordinary

Not less than

Not better than nothing

Not half good and half bad

Not more bad than good

Not ‘no-choice’ universe,

Yes, it would be painful as hell

You might feel like you would die

You might feel like you couldn’t survive

Or make it if you might lose

Something or somebody

That is perceived as significant to you,

Yet you would get over it

You would gain more of YOU

You would trust YOU even more

You would remember YOU even more

You would be even more alive and awake

You would continue to move forward

You would thrive

Beyond your wildest dreams

With total clarity of YOU and your path

Nothing could go wrong

Everything would go right

For you and everyone involved

Even when it doesn’t go

The way you expect

You might wonder

How do you know

If that is what you get

When you all you feel is fear?

You don’t know until you take the first step

You don’t know until you make a choice

You just gotta be willing

To choose to trust YOU

Trust the lightness of

The choices you make

One choice at a time

Your burning desire to know YOU

Your burning desire to trust YOU

Your burning desire to love YOU

Your burning desire to be YOU

Will override any fear and doubt

You might have

Will disrupt all the lies

You were taught to believe about you

And will end all other desires

Outside of you

What if lies, life or death

Holds no significance to you?

What if your burning desire

Is nothing but your God’s total truth

As your life compass?

Then who and what can control you?


With that willingness and

Burning desire in your soul,

No amount of money

No amount of fame

No amount of status

No amount of possesions

No amount of people

No amount of fear

No amount of doubt

No amount of needs

Can ever control you

Because YOU are everything that you need

You are the candle

You are the torch

You are the light

You are the spark

You are the fire

You are the flame

You are the life force

That burns bigger and brighter

That shines the entire Universe

That propels you forward

From within

For all eternity

No matter what

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

For my book Ignite Your Soul Alive:

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