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Your Eternal Roots

If you are facing any challenges

Feeling overwhelmed

Wondering if and when

It could ever get better,

Let’s look back on

Different points in your life

Were there times

When you were experiencing

So much pain and suffering

That you might have felt

You had no strenght left

You could no longer go on

Yet you not only moved through

But also beyond it

Growing stronger and greater

Each and every time?

That is the power of a superhuman

That you truly be

So everything that doesn’t allow you

To acknowledge and receive

Your infinite power and potency

Your infinite capabilities and capacities

Your infinite reservoir of hope and strength

Would you like to

Uncreate, delete, destroy all that?

Whatever you are going through

Can be so painful

Can be so uncomfortable

Can be so challenging

That it might challenge your trust,

It is normal if doubt comes up

With the thoughts like

What is wrong with this?

What is wrong with me?

What did I do wrong?

How much of your life

Were you trained to

Assume the wrongness of you

And everything going on with you

Starting with ‘what’s wrong?’

On autopilot

That kept you further

From your total truth and clarity?

What would it take to embrace

Whatever you are experiencing

Without the need to fix

Without making you wrong

Without making the situations wrong

With deeper trust in you and God

With total ease with you

And whatever is going on?

What is right about you

That you haven’t considered?

What is right about this

That you haven’t thought of?

What have you done right?

What is it that you are aware of

That you are not acknowledging?

Do the questions alone

Give you a sense of relief

Lightness and expansion

Without definite answers?

That is YOU right there

What if any challenges are

The very practice

That only life can gift

To do and be different

From everything you were taught

To reclaim your power

By choosing your trust

Above all else

Remembering and knowing that

You were capable of rising above

All the past unimaginable challenges,

You will do it again

Without a doubt

Each and every time

Propelling you

Greater and higher

To the next level of trust

To the next level of your

Infinite magnificent YOU?

You have been building and growing

Your roots stronger and deeper

Into YOU and God

With each and any challenges

That come in your way

To fly higher and higher

To the infinite

To shine brighter and brighter

For all eternity

That only YOU are capable of

As you have always been

For your beautiful soul

For your miraculous destiny

That only YOU can create

You got this. One step at a time

- Phuong

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