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Your God's Infinite Universe

What does God mean to you?

Is it a he or a she?

Is it an authority figure

Greater than you?

Is God something above or

Out there that you can’t reach?

Is God some kind of power

You can’t have?

Is it something that you can

Only feel connected with

Through religions, temples,

Mosks, churches, shrines or

Sacred retreats?

What if God is not a thing?

What if God is not a person?

What if God is not an entity?

What if God is not a king or a queen?

What if God is not a place?

What did you define as God

That actually wasn’t?

What if God is right in our heart

Every cell of our body

Every fibre of our being

Wherever we go?

How many of you believed that

‘Yes, I am a precious child of God

I am a part of God, but

I am not God’?

Does that feel heavy for you?

How much of it was taught

To control and manipulate you

To keep you less than

The greatness that God

Created you to be?

How much of it belongs to

Your family, culture,

Religion, country, society and

Everybody else around you?

A little, a lot or all of it?

Any part of you

Thought, felt or believed

And everywhere that part of you

Bought the lie that

You are not humble enough

You don’t respect God enough

You don’t worship God enough

Or who do you think you are

For calling yourself God,

As real and yours

When it actually wasn’t,

Everything that is,

Would you like to

Uncreate and return it all

To the senders please?


You are a drop of the ocean

Without you as that drop,

The ocean doesn’t exist

Without the ocean,

There is no you either

One doesn’t exist without the other

You are one with the ocean

And the ocean is one with you

You are the vastness of the ocean

The vastness of the ocean is you

You are the expression of the ocean

The ocean is the expression of you

You are the ocean, and

The ocean is you

There is no separation

There is no division

There is no comparison

There is no calculation

There is no one force

Above or below

Greater or less than the other

Between you and the ocean

There is only oneness

There is only total flow

There is only total communion

Together as one

That is exactly YOU and God

Yes, you are a part of God,

Yet, you are not just a part of God

You are not just a fragment of God

You are the fullness and

Wholeness of God

You are the entire Universe

That is your greatness

That is your extraordinariness

That is your infinite knowing

That is your infinite joy

That is your infinite possibilities

That is your infinite abundance

That is your infinite miracles and magic

That is your divine name

That is your divine identity

That is your divine total being

That is your magnificent YOU

As YOU are God, and

God is YOU.

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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