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Your Greatest Strength

Have you ever

Had the moments

Where you regretted

The choices you made

Beating yourself up

With the thoughts like

‘How could I be so stupid?

What did I do wrong?

What is wrong with me?

I shouldn’t have made that mistake

I could have done more

I didn’t do enough’

All the thoughts and feelings

Along those lines

For thinking that

They were wrong choices

When things didn’t turn out

The way you expected?

Does that sound familiar?

How much of your life

Have you spent judging yourself

As the wrongness of you

For all the decisions and choices

You have made

That were perceived

As wrong?

What if none of that is true?

How much of ‘I did something wrong’,

‘Therefore, I gotta be punished’

Or ‘I gotta punish myself for it’

Is the lie that you picked up

And thought it was yours

When it actually belonged to

Everybody else who taught you?

What if you have done nothing wrong

Your entire life since you were born

On this planet Earth?

What if all the choices

That you have made

That were perceived

As wrong or bad

Have been pointing you

To the right direction

Of remembering more of YOU

Of choosing more of YOU

Of being more of YOU

Of growing more of your soul

To be Home and One

With God within

Whole and complete

At any given moment

Whenever you choose to?

What if all those choices

Have been exactly

What you needed

To get to wherever you are

To learn whatever you need to learn

To grow whatever you need to grow

At your own pace and timing?

What if the ultimate purpose

Of all those choices

Is to serve you

To learn and choose

Over and over again

Your kindness to you

Your lovingness to you

Your caring for you

Your total clarity about YOU

Your total God’s truth

Your total freedom

Your infinite expansion

Your infinite lightness

Without the need of guilt

Without the need of blame

Without the need of shame

Without the need of self-punishment?

Would you like to know that

You are way more capable of

Doing and being that for you

Than you are willing to

Give yourself credit for?

Because you are that Source of love

And that Source of love is YOU

What if that is your greatest strength

As God’s brightest light

Way more than the sun

Of your journey

Of coming Home

With YOU

With your choice

Of your self-awareness

Of gentleness and tenderness

Of your heart and soul


One moment at a time

One thought at a time

One choice at a time

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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