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Your Growth

Whatever struggles or pain

You might have been experiencing

It is a choice you make

Whether you are conscious of it or not

You are never wrong for that choice

It serves a purpose

To learn whatever you desire to learn

At your soul level

For your soul growth

In this lifetime

All those struggles or pain

Will all go away and never come back

Once you get the learnings

That lead you to the next level

Of your consciousness and evolution

To remember and embody

The truth of who you are

As a magnificent soul

Whole and complete

The masterpiece of the Universe

That there is nothing outside of you to seek

But there is only everything within you to find

That you truly be

In the meantime,

Whatever it is you might

Have been going through

You will get through and beyond it

As priceless gifts to uncover

That truth of YOU

You are a warrior of hope

You are a warrior of love and light

You are a warrior of strength and courage

It is a journey

It is a process

You are in the perfect place

From wheverer you are right now

In order to get to the next level

When you are ready for it

You got this. One step at a time.

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