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Your Hopes and Dreams

If you go through hardship

If you feel like falling apart

If you feel stuck

If you feel like no drive

Or life force inside

It is ok to feel that way

Allow you to feel it

Without trying to make it go away

Allow it to be

Even when it means

Just breathing through it

Take it one day at a time

One moment at a time

Keep nurturing that hope

That never dies within you

Keep following your dreams

That keep you alive

That get you to make every little effort

Even when you don’t feel like it

Continue to trust you

Keep listening to that inner voice

Whether you are consious of it or not

No matter what others say

Thinking like everybody else ain’t you

You are meant to think different

From everybody else

You are born extraordinary

Knowing that

You have huge dreams to fulfill

You have your purpose to live

That only you and God know

There is no backward

There is only forward

All the way

No matter what

You will make it

You got this every step of the way

You might stop to rest

You might stop to reset

You might stop to recharge

You might stop to recuperate

You might set back a few steps

Yet you will move forward tenfold

It is for your comeback

Of the rebirth

Of the blossoming

Of the transformation

Of your magnificent soul

Quitting is not an option

In your world

You are moving forward

No matter what

You will rise above it all

Stronger, greater

Than ever before

With that indestructible spirit

With that internal strength

Deep in your soul

Shining through your eyes

Bigger and brighter

Than ever before

You are a warrior of growth

You are a warrior of inspiration

You are a warrior of light

You are a warrior of fire

You are a warrior of a gigantic heart

You are a warrior of deep compassion

You are a warrior of infinite wisdom

That all pain and challenges have gifted you

It is time to truly live

With abundance of joy

And all goodness

That you are meant to be

You are God’s gift

Who shows life

With hope in you

With trust in you

With indestructible drive in you

With believing in you

With listening to your heart and soul

All things are possible

Regardless of external circumstances

You are on your way of

Reclaiming all of YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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