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Your Indestructible Voice

How much of your life

Have you been taught

Since you were a kid

You were not allowed to speak

You were not supposed to speak

You must not speak

What you thought

How you felt

What you truly wanted and needed

Or else you would be punished

You would be attacked

You would be beaten up

You would be made wrong

You would be made into nothing

For speaking anything at all?

How much of your life

Were you expected,

Forced and coerced to do

What those who taught you

Wanted you to do

Not what you wanted to do

With domination, threats, intimidation

From their emotional, physical, verbal abuse

And all other forms of abuse of

Your being and body

Creating fear, horror and terror in you

In order to control you that you had to

Submit to them, their desires,

Requires and expectations

In the name of their love and caring?

As the result of it,

How much of your life have you spent

Believing that your voice has been silenced?

How much of your life have you spent

Believing that you have lost your voice?

How much of your life have you spent

Believing that you have no voice,

You know nothing

You got nothing to say?

How much of the so-called love and caring

In the form of all kinds of abuse

Just because they have the titles

As your father, mother, brothers, sisters,

Husbands, wives, significant others,

Authority figures, therefore whatever

They do and say is right and correct,

It’s all for you, all from their love for you,

Is actually a form of control,

Manipulation, lies and a pile of crap,

Which has nothing to do with love

That you bought as real, true

And yours when it wasn’t?

A little, a lot or all of it?

Everything that is, would you like

To uncreate, delete, destroy

And return it all to all senders please?

In order for them to find every abusive way

To control, disempower and destroy you,

Knowingly or unknowingly,

It says nothing wrong with or about you

There is nothing wrong with you

What if it actually says

All the greatness

Of, about and as YOU?

You actually were, are

And always will be

Such a light of magnitude

Your light was actually so bright,

So powerful that they couldn’t handle it,

They couldn’t receive it

They didn’t know what to do with it,

But tried to dim it down to

Get you down to their level

For their self-gratification, self-satisfication,

And self-comfort with what they knew

To make them feel better about themselves

In the name of love and caring

It is all about them and for them

It is nothing about you and for you,

They aren’f conscious of

What they are doing,

They lie to themselves,

Strongly believe in their lies as real

Because they have to always be right,

How could they ever be truthful to you?

That’s impossible unless

They start to be aware of

Their own unconsciousness

Of what they think as love

When it actually isn’t,

And it can only happen if and when

They desire to change from within themselves,

Everything that doesn’t allow you

To acknowledge this truth and this greatness

Of absolute brilliant, magnificent light as YOU,

Would you like to uncreate, destroy it all?

What if you wait on nobody to change?

What if you require nobody to change?

What if you keep going in your own path

Regardless of who changes or not

Regardless of who can receive you or not

Regardless of who thinks about you

As whoever, whatever or not

Because you decide to change


For your total joy and happiness

For your total freedom to be YOU?

What if you are the first, the one and only

Who steps up

Who changes your life

Who changes how you want to be treated

Who creates whatever you desire,

What is light and true for you

From your heart, soul and total being

By starting with you first

With your total awareness

Of what are lies, what are truth for you

Regardless of how painful it might be

In order to set you free?

What if you actually have never

Lost your voice even though

You could be silenced as a kid?


You are standing

Right here and right now

Because you do know,

You have always known

What is true and light for you

You have kept following

That bright and brilliant light

That inner knowing


You have kept finding your total truth

That brings you lightness and expansion

That brings you total freedom to be YOU

No matter how much abuse you endured

What if that knowing is actually your voice?

What if your voice is that absolute stillness

That doesn’t have to be spoken in words?

What if your voice is that deepest space

Where it is indescrible with words,

Where it it is spacious, expansive,

Eternal, unstoppable,

Unshakeable and indestructible,

It has no beginning and no end

Without limitations

Without constriction

Without contraction

Without control?

What if that is your total voice?

What if the physical voice is just part of it,

And it doesn’t determine the totality

Of your true voice

Because that total voice is your total truth

Because that total voice is

Your infinite knowing

Because that total voice is

Your infinite awareness

Because that total voice is

Your infinite wisdom

Because that total voice is

Your total being

Because that total voice is YOU,

What if that total voice as YOU

Is the core of life?

And that total voice as YOU

Never dies


Everywhere you defined

What was your voice when it actually was not

What was not your voice when it actually was,

And bought that

Your voice was taken away,

You lost your voice

From those who abused you

As real, true and yours when it wasn’t,

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate, destroy

Return it all to them,

Reclaim and own

Your total voice please?

No abusers

No trauma

No drama

No pain

No fears

No threats

No intimidation

No domination

No control

In whatever shape or form




Can silence your voice

Without your permission

Would you like to receive that

You are safe and free to

Speak your total voice

Speak your total truth

Express yourself freely, and that

You know who to speak to or not

When to speak or not

Where to speak or not

As your total freedom to be

As all of YOU

Your magnificent YOU

For all eternity and back?

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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