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Your Inner Happiness

Have you ever got annoyed, frustrated or angry when someone said to you ‘be grateful for what you have’ when you expressed your fears and concerns?

How much of it was not feeling heard and not accepted for how you felt?

How much of that frustration and anger is actually your inner knowing that there is so much more for you?

I heard this statement a lot

So much so that

It became a cliche to me

Only until I quit my soul-sucking job

Changed the environment

And have been experiencing

What inner happiness feels like

For the first time in my life

Have I got it differently

I have felt much more alive

Much more expansive

Much more fulfilled than ever before

Even without a job

Or any relationships of any kind

But just the relationship with me

My soul

God within me

And a soul and life purpose

I feel belonging

What if

A job

A husband

A wife


A family


Whatever or whoever it is

That you might think

You are supposed to have

In order to call it a life

According to this reality

Doesn’t complete you?

What if your soul

God part within you

Completes you

Once you choose

To get to know it?

That is your inner happiness

Through your purpose in life

A life with meaning

By doing and being what you love

By finding out what that purpose is

And living it

Instead of doing, tolerating and

Surrounding yourself

With things and people

That wither and suck your soul

Trying to practice gratitude

Looking for the good

Within the limitations

To cope with life

It’s like trying to expand

Within the contraction

Where would it lead you to?


Gratitude is always great to start from

But it’s not gonna last

If you keep suppressing your being

And holding on to who and what

No longer works for you

Trying to fit in somewhere

You have never belonged

From the first place

Would you like to go for ‘so-so’ with gratitude

Or would you like to go for extraordinary with gratitude

For everything you got right now

While knowing there’s a whole lot more

That life has to offer you

And striving for it?

Are you willing to lose it all

Everything that is not you

To belong to...YOU again?

It is your greatness calling you

That is the key to your fulfillment

That is the key to feeling whole and complete

What do you know about your soul

That you are pretending not to know,

Denying that you know,

That if you could acknowledge it,

It would change everything?

Your greatness is always there in you

Waiting for you to acknowledge

Reclaim and own it all

Nothing and nobody can stop you

When your soul, God within

Is your best friend

Your companion

Your Home

Your inner happiness

And all you got

You are unstoppable

You are greatness

You are happiness within

You got this. One step at a time

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