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Your Inner Power

As long as we are human

We all have issues

We all struggle

We all judge

In one way or another

Perfection doesn’t exist

That is part of being human

Yet it is our job

It is our responsibility

It is our practice

To be aware of our judgments

And choose differently

If we would like to

We can’t truly understand

Where the others come from

As long as we hold on

To any thoughts

Any feelings

Any emotions

Any limitations

Any limiting beliefs

Any judgments

That separate ourselves

From ourselves

From other human beings

And all beings

All it takes is a choice

For your lightness

For your expansion

For your joy

For your happiness

For your peace

For your ease

For your flow

For your freedom

Then any and all tools

Will come your way

To serve you just that

In your highest and best way

To set you free

For your true understanding

For your growth

Simply for YOU

The deepest compassion

For you and others will rise up

From your heart and soul

That is where true kindness comes from

Not just from understanding

At a logical level

Of the thinking mind

But from the understanding

Beyond logic

That can only come from

Your heart and soul

That is your wisdom

That is your true freedom

That is your true power

From within

With your wide-open gentle heart

With your strong beautiful soul

With your magnificent light

Taking the front seat

With God flowing through you

As your ultimate divine healing force

As your eternal guidance

YOU are the only one

Who has the power

To set you free

You are the one and only

Brilliant leader and creator

Of your own destiny

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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