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Your Journey of Transformation

If you were never heard,

If you were never allowed

To express yourself,

Anger and frustration would accumulate

You might even feel wrong and unworthy

For even getting angry and frustrated

Thinking you gotta pull yourself together

You gotta keep yourself in check

Finding every way to keep it in order

Yet the more you try to change it,

The angrier and more frustrated you’d feel,

The more you would want to explode

And can’t seem to explode,

The more you’d feel stuck

And can’t seem to get anywhere

Does that resonate?

Healing, changing and transformation

Is not about having to be a certain way

Or having to be a certain result

In order to be ok

It is about acknowledging and allowing

Receiving and having

The deepest compassion for

Who you are

What you are

Where you are

However you feel

Whatever you think

Whatever you do or don’t do

Without the need to be perfect

What if

You are ok right now

You are loved right now

You are accepted right now

For whoever you are

For whatever you are

From wherever you are

With warts and all?

You have always been

And always will be


You are here

You are a gift from God

You are a blessing from God

You are a miracle from God

Your are the precious child of God

You are the spark of God

You are the masterpiece of God

With a life and everything

That God created you to be

If it took you tens of years and more

To learn all the patterns and habits

That disempower you,

Then it takes a while to unlearn them

To teach you different

To choose you different

It is ok

It is normal

It is part of the process

If you slip into the patterns

Along the way

While learning to change them

What matters is your effort

What matters is never giving up

What matters is to be aware

What matters is to keep choosing

Over and over again

Your lovingness to you

Your caring for you

Your kindness to you

Your compassion for you

Your acknowledgment of you

Especially when that happens

Without making you wrong for it

That is true healing

That is true change

That is true transformation

From within right there

It is a process

It is a journey

It is a practice

It is an ongoing growth

Give you time and space

Give you gentleness and tenderness

That you deserve

When you feel uncomfortable feelings

Like anger, sadness, or fears

If you don’t know what tools to use yet

Remember to breathe deeply through them

Give them space with your breath

Allow yourself to feel them with your breath

You are allowed and worthy

To feel and express them

Be messy

Be out of order

Be out of check

Without judgments of you

In order to fall into place

That is right and perfect for you

All you need is a safe space

To allow you to be,

If anyone does anything

To make you feel otherwise

For it


Walk away

Adios, goodbye

Speak up

Whatever you need to do

To honor you

Each time you choose you,

You will know and embody

What it feels like

To be worthy

To be heard

To express yourself

Without any wrongness of you

You gain more of you

Your space

Your time

Your energy

Your life

Your freedom

Your choice

Your worth

You are worthy of it all











Talents and gifts

With warts and all

Without having to be perfect

Without having to please anybody

Without having to be anyone else

Other than YOU

Your magnificent spark

Of the entire Universe

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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