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Your Magical Touch On Your Soul

If the past is what holds you back,

It is the very key to your present,

It is the very key to your future,

It is the very key to your freedom

It is not ignoring the past

It is not denying the past

It is not burying the past

It is not forgetting the past

It is not allowing the past

To control you either

You are greater than the past

You are the liberator of the past

You are the transformer of the past

You are the light of the past

Use the past to your advantage

Use the past to set you free

Use the past as an inspiration

Use the past as the drive

Use the past as the fire

To heal your heart

To awaken your soul

To find your voice

To reclaim your total truth

To liberate your soul

To be Home with God within you

To ignite your eternal flame

That has never ever died

Within you

That is moving through the past

That is moving beyond the past

That is embracing the past

As a part of your journey

Of remembering the truth

Of who you are

Of creating your sparkling future

Only meant for you

That is YOU touching your very own soul

That is how resilient and powerful you are

That is how strong and courageous you are

The more you liberate you from the past,

The more you set others free

The more you touch your own heart and soul,

The more you touch others’ hearts and souls,

The more you lift your own heart and soul up

The more you lift others’ hearts and souls up,

The more you remember your own soul,

The more you inspire others

To remember their souls

It all starts with you first

Choose you first


You are precious beyond measure

With your very existence

On this planet Earth

The more you choose you,

The more you reclaim YOU

That is your bright brilliant future

Nothing less than greatness

Nothing less than magnificence

Nothing less than miracles and magic

Awake and alive YOU

Fulfilled and vibrant YOU

Whole and complete YOU

You deserve it all

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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