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Your Power of Acknowledgement

What is your truth?

What is others’ truth?

We gotta acknowledge what it is

What no longer works

To be able to change what is

To be able to open to

And have total clarity of

The highest truth

The total truth

God’s truth

Whatever we would like to call it

That works for everyone involved

That sets everyone free

That is ‘The Kingdom of We’

As Gary Doughlas said

What if you could

Acknowledge and honor

Your truth and others’ truth

Without judgments of you

Without judgments of others?

What if you could acknowledge

Your experiences

Your hurts

Your pain

Your guilt

Your shame

Your fears

Your anger

Your uncomfortable feelings

Your patterns

Your projections and expectations

Your judgments

Without making you wrong

For any of them?

You are capable of

Doing and being that for you

With your heart and soul

As your strong foundation

That is being true to you

That is being honest with you

The more you are true to you,

The more you are true to others,

The more the relationships are built

Based on authenticity and trust

As Iyanla Vanzant said:

‘You gotta be willing

To be wrong

About everything’

What if we are willing to be wrong

About everything

Without the need to be right?

Then what do we have left to protect?

What do we have left to defend?

What do we have left to

Fight for or against?


That is total freedom right there

All it takes is your willingness

To acknowledge what is

Without having to deny

Without having to reject

Without any wrongness of you

No matter how painful

It might be

Then you will find every way

To reclaim and own God’s truth

Without the need to be right or wrong

That is your highest total truth

That is your infinite freedom

That is your infinite awareness

That is your infinite wisdom

That you are born to be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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