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Your unapologetic YOU

Receive you for your strengths

Receive you for your talents and gifts

Receive you for your joy and ease

Receive you for your weaknesses

Receive you for all the thoughts

Feelings and emotions

That you feel uncomfortable with

Receive you when you get angry

Receive you when you feel sad

Receive you when you feel pain

Receive you when you cry

Receive you when you have fears

Receive you for the courage

To speak your truth

To ask for what you want

To put your first

Regardless of fears

Without making you wrong

Without judging you

For anything

You have done nothing wrong


You have done good enough

You have always done

More than good enough

From wherever you are

Whether you believe it or not

You are good enough

Your existence is enough

Your being is enough

Your presence is enough

You don’t have to do

In order to be good enough

You don’t have to suppress

However you feel

Whatever you want

And give yourself up

For anybody or anything else

In order to earn for your enoughness

That is accepting you for your strengths

That is loving you for your weaknesses

That is being there for you

The good and the bad

That is never ever abandoning you

That is getting your own back

That is watching out for you

That is trusting you

That is listening to you

That is taking care of you

That is you being

The powerful leader

Of your own life

Noone else can be

That powerhouse for you


Would be willing to acknowledge

How powerful you are?

The right people for you

Whom you desire

Will show up in your life

In alignment with you

And your highest purpose

Anything other than that

Can not and will not

Exist in your world

Because you won’t tolerate

Anything or anyone that

Is not a contribution

To your expansion and lightness

To your joy and happiness

To your peace and ease

You honor you

You put you first

You choose you first

You be there for you first

You are in charge

You lead the way

You light the day

You lead your life

Nobody knows what is true for you


Even if that includes authority figures

Nobody is greater than you

You are your own authority figure

Nobody else

That is your power

Choose to trust you

No matter what

You are on your way

Of reclaiming your unstoppeable



Power and potency

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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